Melanie Mann
Gifted and Regular Education Science Teacher
Phone Number 478-929-7832 ext. 33466

Courses Taught:



Seventh Grade Science WRMS

Materials List for Mrs. Mann’s Class


For Science Class:

  • 4 70-page spirals (that is for the entire year) One for each 9 weeks (You will probably want to be 2 one inch binders and keep your stuff for your first two classes in one and your last two classes in the other)
  • Pens and pencils
  • Scotch tape (we use a lot of tape because we attach everything into our spirals
  • Glue sticks (we use a lot of glue sticks for our spirals)


* additional items we use throughout the year that would be greatly appreciate:

¨       hand sanitizer

¨       highlighters-all colors

¨       Kleenex

¨       Baby wipes

¨       liquid hand soap

¨       notecards (lined and blank, 3” X 5” and 4” X 6”)

¨       paper towels

¨       tape (clear)

¨       zip lock bags (all sizes, especially quart and gallon size)

¨       sidewalk chalk

¨       Clorox wipes

 Here is our class website:


Honors Classes ONLY:

Each honors student must have the following for Science Fair:

We start science fair in August and it goes through December, below is the needed supplies.  The Logbook is needed in September and October and the rest is needed in November.  I do recommend getting all of the supplies now because they are cheaper.  They can be kept at home until we need them in class.  I will send notes home frequently about science fair.  I will give out due dates of the entire project in August.  It’s going to be awesome.  I am excited!


  1. Slip pocket (clear cover) 3 ring binder ( 1 ½” or 2” is fine)
  2. Dividers (1 pack)
  3. Clear page protectors
  4. Post it sticky tabs
  5. Blue or black ink pens (They can only write in their logbooks in clue or black ink)
  6. Speckled composition book (bound, NOT spiral, please!! For Logbook)


**Closer to October we will start talking about Backboards. We will place an order as a class, they are usually about $10.60.)  It comes with the header and title cards.  It is really a good deal.  They will also need card stock or construction paper that to mount their paper on the board and duct tape to outline their board.  We have examples in my room for them to see.  If you have any questions about science fair, please do not hesitate to email us. (7th Grade Honors Life Science Teacher)


This is my 24th year teaching in middle school.  I have taught life, earth and physical science classes. My degree is in Middle Grades Education with a master's  degree in Quality Schools. I went to Warner Robins Middle School when I was in middle school.



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