Mr. Jimmy Oglesby
Middle Grade Science
479-929-7832, ext 33465

Courses Taught:

Life Science


Mr. Jimmy Oglesby has been in the field of education for 14 years.  Upon retiring from the United States Air Force, he began his career as an Adult Education Adjunct Instructor at Middle Georgia Technical College. He started teaching at Warner Robins Middle School the following year, teaching 8th Grade Science and Social Studies.  Over the years at Warner Robins Middle, he has taught science and social studies classes in grades 6-8.  Mr. Oglesby has a BS degree in Adolescent Psychology from Bowie State University, MS Degree in Organizational Behavior from The University of Management and Technology, and a EdS Degree in Curriculum and Instructions from Piedmont College.  

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1-inch binder***

5 dividers
#2 Pencils
Notebook Paper

Colored Pencils

(***if you rather use a larger binder and share with another class - you may do so!)

Wish List

Facial tissue

Hand sanitizer

Colored pencils

Case of Water

(Due to COVID-19 concerns, water fountains have been turned off in the building)


Students will NOT be issued lockers.

I  suggest a simple backpack/book bag to keep books and supplies in.  A pencil pouch or something similar to keep pencils, colored pencils, highlighters, etc... would be a good idea too!  :)  Students will keep their bag with them at all times.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, students will not be able to share classroom supplies as we have in previous years.   If you have extras and would like to send some in for students who don't have any, it would be greatly appreciated.