WRMS Discipline


Our progressive discipline program serves to facilitate learning and promote a safe environment. We expect for our students to exhibit good citizenship, strive for academic excellence and conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. High expectations for teachers, administrators and staff provide consistency, fairness and encouragement. Parental contact will be made to inform you of your student's behavior and to seek your assistance to facilitate improvement. Students are responsible for returning discipline forms signed by parents. Our mission is to enable all students to become confident, self-directed and lifelong participants in a changing world. There is no practical way to predetermine exact consequences for each discipline infraction that may occur during the school year. The following is provided as guide, but keep in mind that they are provided only as examples.

 Level 1 Offense examples

Talking, Minor classroom offenses, Dress code, Gum, candy, eating, Tardy to class, Failure to follow standard procedures, Unprepared for class, Not returning forms/notes (after 2 days), No agenda as hall pass, Incomplete / incorrect academic assignments

 Level 1 Consequence examples

Teachers may assign break detention for the above offenses as follows:

1st offense             1 day lunch detention

2nd offense            3 days lunch detention

3rd offense             5 days lunch detention & parent conference

4th offense             goes to Level 2

 Repeated violations of the same offense may result in an immediate office referral. Students missing break detention will be required to provide a valid reason (as soon as they return to school). Failure to stay will result in additional days and/or assignment to In-school Suspension (ISS) in accordance with the following guidelines:

1st day missed = 1 extra day of lunch detention

2nd day missed =2 extra days of lunch detention

3rd day missed = 3 days of ISS assigned

 Level 2 Offense examples

Classroom disturbance, Disrespect of student, Hall/restroom infractions, Unauthorized location, Does not cooperate

 Level 2 Consequence examples

Teachers may assign after-school detention as follows:

1st offense             3 days after school detention

2nd offense            5 days after school detention & parent conference

3rd offense             7 days after school detention

4th offense             goes to Level 3

 Repeated violations of the same offense may result in an immediate office referral.  

 Level 3 Offense examples

Fighting, Profanity/vulgarity, Threats, Disrespect/defiance to adults, Theft, Severe class disruption, Vandalism, Infraction of Board of Education or school policy

 Level 3 Consequence examples

Students will be referred to an administrator for disciplinary action. Student strike records will start over at the beginning of a new 9 weeks grading period; however, office discipline records are cumulative. Students must complete all of their detention assignments even if their slate is clean at the beginning of a new 9 weeks grading period.


If a student has struck out in Levels 1 and 2, he or she will not be eligible for any rewards that are given to students for good behavior.

PLEASE NOTE: The administrators and faculty reserve the right to reprimand students when guidelines, rules and procedures are not followed. Students are expected to ask about any questionable aspect of school interaction before becoming involved. Principals are given wide latitude of discretion in the determination of whether behavior is acceptable or not.