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Dr Kristi Little
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The Warner Robins Middle School Media Center is a place where students continue working toward being lifetime learners. Each school year begins with an orientation, introducing or re-familiarizing each student with all our Media Center has to offer. Book check out for class or leisure/independent reading begins almost immediately, and the students are assisted with this process by Dr. Little and our multi-station area network. This network extends beyond titles etc., in our library to include an array of on-line resources such as an encyclopedia, a full text magazine index, and the Internet. Our center also offers many standard reference materials for students to use in order to gather information and demonstrate reference skills. Our on-line resource technology, audio-visual materials, books, and magazines as well as a professional education library for teachers make the WRMS Media Center a very active learning environment for both students and teachers in our school and community.

 Rules and Policies
o Use of the computers is a privilege, not a right. Use computers in an ethical manner.
o Students must enter the Media Center with a signed agenda or pass.
o Students may check out two books at a time for up to two weeks at a time.
o Students must be sure to return books to the Media Center on or before the due date.
o Late fines are 10 cents per day.
o Students with fines or overdue books may not check out any more books until account is cleared.
o Students must pay replacement costs for lost or damaged library books.
o Cost for printing from the computers is 10 cents a page or 25 cents for color copies.

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Media Center Orientation

 Read Every Day video