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Mrs. Maria Cook, Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator

Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator

Mrs. Maria Cook     478-929-7832 ext. 33210

Duties & Responsibilities

Please join us in making this a very special year by talking with your child daily and communicating with your child's teachers regarding attendance, grades and behavior.  We're planning many exciting programs and academic activities for you and your child. To ensure success and enjoyment for all, we need your help. Periodic flyers and call out messages will follow to notify and remind you of planned events.

Title I Information - Warner Robins Middle School is a Title I School. We are eligible for Title I funding based on our percentage of students eligible for free and reduced lunch. This means we receive additional federal funds for the purpose of improving teaching and learning for students. All students in our school benefit from these funds. Title I requires that these funds be used for programs that will improve student achievement and include ways to help families help their children to succeed (family engagement). All Title I schools must include stakeholder (family, teacher, student) input in the development of a written Parent & Family Engagement policy.

Our Parent Action Team is one way for families to give their input. Warner Robins Middle School invites all families to be part of Parent Action Team to share ideas and help build partnerships with school, families and the community. Warner Robins Middle Parents works with our staff to develop our yearly family activities and Title I documents such as the Parent & Family Engagement Plan and School-Parent Compact. We meet twice a year, but ideas and suggestions are always welcome. If you would like to learn more about the Parent Action Team please contact Maria Cook, Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator, at the above phone number or email.

Give us Feedback & Comments - We welcome your input, including comments and feedback, on our school and our programs at any time during the year. Please contact Maria Cook, Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator, by phone at 929-7832 or by email at to share your thoughts.

Title I Documents:

Parent & Family Newsletters             Fall          Spring

Parent & Family Engagement Handbook

One Year Action Plan

Strategic Improvement Plan, Actions & Goals

District Parent & Family Engagement Plan

Parent & Family Satisfaction Survey Results

Parent & Family Engagement Plan

Governor's Office of Student Achievement District and School Report Card

Rising 6th Grader Parent Information