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I am very excited to be your math teacher!  This year, you will be exploring the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).  You will demonstrate higher-order thinking skills through a variety of standards-based learning activities.  I hope to challenge your thinking this year so that you will grow in math and as a person!  


Please note: To see only your class on the Calendar page, you can click "Options" and "Filter events."  Then uncheck the calendar(s) you don't want to see.  For each class, I will post weekly topics of study and test dates. 

For your reference, the syllabus for each math class is posted in pink on August 2 on the Calendar page

Tutoring schedule now availableow 

Middle School Accelerated Math  
Grade        Content Learned Content Tested (Milestones)
6   6th grade + half of 7th grade 6th grade EOG
7   half of 7th grade + 8th grade          7th grade EOG
8   Algebra 1 Algebra 1 EOC