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Wallace, Brett Principal
Farrell, Brandy Assistant Principal of Instruction
Andrews, Cameron Assistant Principal
Ford, Dotheria Counselor
Wood, Jay Counselor

Alligood, Stacy Math - 6th
Bagwell, Aimee Language Arts - 6th & 8th Gifted
Bivins, David Exceptional - 7th
Burns, Kyle Social Studies - 7th
Churchwell, Shannon Exceptional - 6th-8th
Cole, Nancy Science - 7th
Copeland, Jamessa Math - 6th
Crawford, Myosha Exceptional - 8th
Cuthpert, Mercedes Social Studies - 7th
Dantes, Edlena Science - 8th
Dent, Brandi Chorus - Connections
Dollar, Katherine Language Arts - 7th
Dowd, Michael Social Studies - 7th
Evans, Isom Visual Arts - Connections
Floyd, Mortimer Science - 6th
Floyd, Tony Science - 8th & Gifted
Franklin, Jennifer Math - Connections
Garman, Jamaal Social Studies - 6th
Gibson, Candace Physical Education - Connections
Gill, Amber Math - 7th
Graf, Stephen Math - 8th
Hammock, Karen Math - 7th
Harbin, David Physical Education - Connections
Harbin, Jody Social Studies - 8th
Harbin, Sheila Language Arts - 7th
Harrell, Keila Language Arts - 8th
Hayes, Amanda Family and Consumer Sciences - Connections
Hayes, Demetria Language Arts - 7th
Hudlin, Tyler Math - 8th
Hunter, Duchess Exceptional - 6th
Jackson, Brenda Reading - Connections
Jones, Kacy Social Studies - 8th & Gifted
Jones, Ricky Business & Computer Science - Connections
Jones, Shenequia Science - 8th
Levieux, Kayla Language Arts - 8th
Libazs, Haely Language Arts - 6th
Mann, Melanie Science - 7th & Gifted
Martin, Michael Physical Education - Connections
Martinez, Jeffrey Exceptional - English Language Learners
Mathis, Jenny Exceptional - 7th
Moore, Kirsten Exceptional - 7th
Nash, Jamie Science - 6th & Gifted
Oglesby, Jimmy Science - 7th
Pfeuffer, Sheri Media Specialist
Pierce, Sara Math - Gifted
Rape, Hal Physical Education - Connections
Reese, Benjamin Math - 7th
Rogers, Robyn Math - 6th
Ruzic, Steven Exceptional - 7th & 8th
Sadler, Kayla Exceptional - 6th-8th
Shaver, Lynn Social Studies - Gifted
Sneed, Penney Math - 7th Gifted and 8th
Sterling, Kerri Science - 6th
Stokes, Linda Social Studies - 7th
Thomas, Evan Band - Connections
Tolleson, Tripp Agriculture - Connections
Walker, Brianna Language Arts-6th & Gifted
Wood, Jay Counselor
Wurdeman, Carrie Exceptional - 8th
Zeuner, Melissa Engineering & Technology - Connections

Boyett, Michael Paraprofessional
Coffee, Wesley Bookkeeper
Hampton, Shinece Med Tech
Larkin, Doris Receptionist/Records Clerk
Montgomery, Stephanie Secretary
Powell, Deborah Paraprofessional
Reichman, Gloria Cafe Manager