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All games begin at 3:30.  Admission is $5

Students are required to meet eligibility standards to participate and must have a current physical on file. These requirements, eligibility and physical form, must be met in order to even try out.

Athletic Requirements - Physical Form


7TH GRADE - Cannot turn 14 before May 1st of their 7th grade year. (7th graders that turn 14 before May 1st must play 8th grade) 8th GRADE- Cannot turn 16 before May 1st of 8th grade year. (Players are declared ineligible when turning 16 before May 1st)

Must have a physical on file that is current and completely filled out. (Physicals are good for one year from the date signed by the doctor) 


Must provide verification of insurance on the physical form (Players without family insurance, must purchase school insurance before participating)


Must have parental consent portion of the physical filled out and signed


Eligibility for 1st Semester 1) Promoted to the next grade. (Attending Summer school can fill this requirement) 2) Pass all 4 academic classes for the school year. (Attending Summer school can fill this requirement) 3) Pass 5 out of 6 classes the previous semester. (Attending Summer school can fill this requirement) 4) If placed, a student is ineligible for 1st semester 5) If retained, a student is ineligible for 1st semester

Eligibility for 2nd Semester

Pass 5 out of 6 subjects ** Does not have to pass all 4 academics**

Additional Eligibility Procedures

Any student who enters the 8th grade and is in an 8th grade homeroom for the 3rd time or Semester is ineligible. A student can participate on an 8th grade team 2 years, provided that one year the student was in a 7th grade homeroom. An athlete will only be allowed to participate 2 years in middle school athletics, provided they meet all age and academic requirements. An athlete can participate in 1 sport only per season. Cheerleaders cannot play softball or basketball and baseball players cannot run track