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The Warner Robins Middle School Media Center is a place where students continue working toward being lifetime learners. Each school year begins with an orientation, introducing or re-familiarizing each student with all our Media Center has to offer. Book check out for class or leisure/independent reading begins early on in the year, and the students are assisted with this process by Ms. Pfeuffer.   The Media Center is available to students from 7-3 daily.

Rules and Policies
o Use of the computers is a privilege, not a right. Use computers in an ethical manner.
o Students must enter the Media Center with a pass.
o Students may check out two books at a time for up to three weeks at a time.
o Students must be sure to return books to the Media Center on or before the due date.
o Late fines are 5 cents per day.
o Students with fines or overdue books may not check out any more books until account is cleared.
o Students must pay replacement costs for lost or damaged library books.


What Can I do on the Computer in the Media Center?

1. Use Office 365 or Google classroom for classwork

2. Practice typing on this site or this one

3. Practice finding and shelving library books on this site

4. Math practice at Khan, Prodigy, ThatQuiz

5. Read Theory

6. Check out book recommendations from GA Children's Book Awards

7. Look for books to read on Destiny Discover

8. Write a review for a book you've already read on Destiny Discover

Galileo Links

Online Encyclopedia Brittanica

Galileo - password-protected outside of school.  Contact Media Center

SIRS Discoverer - general reference resource for grades 1-9. Database includes editorially-selected, full-text articles and images from over a thousand domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and government documents. The images include graphics, photos, charts, and maps, including U.S. historical, world historical, and outline maps

Explora - designed to support student research and classroom instruction. Students can browse topics of interest or search for a topic of their choice. Search results can be limited to source type (e.g., magazines, news, biographies, etc.) or by Lexile range( reading levels).      

Citation/Bibliography Help

Son of Citation 

Easy Bib (also has an app) 


Ms.Sheri Pfeuffer
Ms.Sheri Pfeuffer